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Nick  Cotton

A Post Apple Watch Life

"Close your rings", "Time to stand up", "Here's a weekly summary", "Bzzt", "Bzzt", "Bzzt".

I think I'm ready to embrace a post-Apple Watch life. These things that used to seem like conveniences now feel like shackles. Every waking moment I'm concerned with how many steps I've done or whether I've stood up that hour and I can't help but think, is this helping me at all?

Combined with the fact it's just not quite as convenient or reliable as promised. Here's a list of minor annoyances:

  • For some reason the screen doesn't respond to my first tap most of the time. I can't be bothered to debug this.
  • If I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt or a jacket (it's London, so most of the time) it's quite a skill to be able to wriggle the watch out, just to see the latest promo from the Uber app.
  • Images from WhatsApp just render as a big blurry version. Not sure how that's supposed to be useful.
  • You really need both hands to do anything useful, so most of the time, I just reach for my phone.
  • The Strong app, which is the only watch app I consistently use, seems plagued with syncing and reliability issues.
  • Paying for anything with your watch is still incredibly uncool.

Now, mine is an older model so I'm willing to accept that maybe it's just a bit further along the road to obsolescence. I still think many of the points above still stand.

My 8 month old son[^1] can't help but play with it and before you know it I've challenged someone to a weekly fitness challenge.

Anyway, I'll give this thing up and in a year I'll probably have a heart attack that it would have prevented.

Am I a watch guy now?

[^1]: Who somehow, with the TV off, managed to purchase a film on the AppleTV using only the remote and his mouth.