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Nick  Cotton

How to default to dark mode in Tailwind

So when I built this site, it just started as a dark site. That's how I envisaged it, I prefer it like that and that's where I focus most of my efforts. However I totally understand and appreciate that some people need to use light mode for various reasons. So while I listed "dark mode" as a task on my /todo, what I really needed to add was the styles for the light mode.

Once I'd done that, and added a toggle to the nav bar, I wanted to make sure the dark mode was still served by default. I think that's an ok thing to do (I should be able to creatively express myself how I like) but it does mean ignoring the prefers-color-scheme: dark media query. If you're ok with doing that, here's how I made dark mode the default.

Follow the instructions in the Tailwind docs about setting up dark mode. For me, that meant adding darkMode: "selector" to my tailwind.config.js file.

They also provide a short snippet explaining how to save and persist a theme across page loads.

if (localStorage.theme === 'dark' || (!('theme' in localStorage) && window.matchMedia('(prefers-color-scheme: dark)').matches)) {
} else {

But this assumes you want light mode to be the default. I made a couple of changes to the above code. First, I added the dark class to the <html> element by default. Second, I reworked the snippet above to only remove the dark class if light mode has been explicitly set, i.e. someone has clicked the light mode toggle.

if (localStorage.theme === 'light') {

This code lives inline in the head of my document and so it runs before anything is rendered. If light mode has been set, remove the dark class, otherwise carry on with dark mode as the default.